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04 March 2015

WCSF2015 – a dynamic football congress combining theory and practice


The World congress on Science and Football 2015 is not only ‘food for thought’, but also a dynamic congress offering opportunities to be physically active and to join in social events with your colleagues from around the world.

We are happy to announce the opening ceremony’s focus on football and health, as well as some of the arenas where you can be physically active during the congress.

Opening ceremony on football and health

WCSF2015 is proud to announce an opening ceremony on 20 May 2015 focusing on Football for Health. The chairmen of the Scientific and the Organisation Committees, Professor Jens Bangsbo and Professor Peter Krustrup, will give up the floor to Professor and Chairman Jiri Dvorak from F-MARC, FIFA, who will present FIFA perspectives on Football for Health, and Jesper Møller, Chairman of the Danish Football Association (DBU), who will talk about how the DBU concept Football Fitness has emerged from research within football and health.

Hereafter Professor Karim Khan, University of British Columbia, will enlighten you on the impact of science for development of Football for Health, followed by Professor Peter Krustrup and Associate professor Laila Ottesen, University of Copenhagen, presenting on Football and health from a physiological and social science perspective, respectively.

Keep yourself updated on the congress website.

Sport courts and swimming facilities

In addition to the Football Tournament, you also have access during the congress to indoor courts and outdoor street courts for playing football with your colleagues from around the world. This includes Footsal courts and Panna fields. Remember to bring your sports gear!

The venue DGI-byen offers favourable prices for access to their Swim Centre where you can swim in a large super-elliptical shaped pool, challenge yourself in a climbing and diving pool, and relax in the hot tub and sauna. Water sports such as aquabiking, water aerobics or evening swimming are also available. Read about the Swim Centre here.

Keep yourself updated on the social events on the congress website.