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04 March 2015

WCSF2015 sponsor and exhibitor news


Sponsors and exhibitors enable a successful congress with valuable interaction possibilities between professionals within football and global organisations and companies.

Information about confirmed sponsors and exhibitors can be seen from the congress website.

ChyronHego is a silver sponsor of WCSF2015

ChyronHego has been collecting data in sport for well over 40 years. It began in the late 1960s as a timing company, delivering this data on venue at sports events. This expanded over the years in supplying this data into the broadcast and media world by putting this timing data and a wealth of other sports data onto TV screens. Today, ChyronHego is positioned as one of the world's largest and innovative companies in bringing data, graphics and advanced video technologies to broadcast and digital media, with an especially strong portfolio of tools that help bring insight to sports and provide a narrative.

In parallel to this, ChyronHego has spent the past decade expanding its sports data expertise by developing the world's most respected and widely deployed optical tracking system called Tracab. This captures highly accurate position and speed metrics in real-time from all players in a match to help power a huge range of professional and commercial applications. The system is currently permanently installed in well over 120 stadia in Europe across entire leagues such as the Premier League, Bundesliga and La Liga to name just a few and used on well over 2,000 football matches every year. The system is also the player tracking technology behind the new Statcast solution from MLB which this year was awarded the Best Analytics Technology at the prestigious annual Sloan Sports Analytics Conference in Boston.

To strengthen its competencies even further in sports tracking and performance measurement, the company also welcomed ZXY Sport Tracking to the ChyronHego family in 2014. This provided state-of-the-art military grade transponder-based tracking technology to enable tracking to also be achieved autonomously in coaching scenarios and for a richer stream of physical performance metrics to be captured from additional built-in sensors. The system has been used in Soccer, American Football and Rugby. It has also been deployed recently at local Danish club FC MidtJylland who currently lead the Danish Superliga and use it to collect data both at their academy and matches to compliment the existing Tracab data already collected for the league. 

Meet ChyronHego at their WCSF2015 exhibition stand, and learn more about their wide range of professional sports data and video products, as well as their research and service activities.

Other sponsors

  • Catapult is sponsoring lanyards, and you can meet Catapult at their WCSF2015 exhibition stand, and learn more about their products, research and services.
  • Nordea-fonden is sponsoring congress bags.

Interested in sponsoring or exhibiting at the congress?

Should you be interested in sponsoring and/or exhibiting at the congress, please find more information here and contact our congress organiser ICS (Sofie Due Jørgensen, sofie@ics.dk).