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07 April 2015

Sponsor news


Sponsors and exhibitors enable a successful congress with valuable interaction possibilities between professionals within football and global organisations and companies. We are happy to continuously present some of our sponsors via the newsletter.

Information about confirmed sponsors and exhibitors can be seen here from the congress website.

STATSport is a silver sponsor of WCSF2015

STATSports is a world leading performance monitoring and analysis provider in elite sports. The company originates from Ireland, and with its’ growth into being the world-leading provider of GPS performance analysis equipment, it now has offices in Ireland, London, Chicago and Florida. Four more strategic bases are expected within the next 12 months.

The STATSports Viper System is a customer driven platform with a user-friendly interface. The system offers sports specific software for Football, Basketball, American Football, Rugby and Athletics. The Viper System was designed and shaped alongside some of the world’s top strength coaches, medics and sports coaches. The performance monitoring tool Viper Pod has been trialled and tested by top teams and research facilities the world over and proves accurate, reliable and consistent.

Meet STATSports at their WCSF2015 exhibition stand, and learn more about their Viper System, as well as their research and service activities.

Interested in sponsoring or exhibiting at the congress?

Should you and your company be interested in sponsoring and/or exhibiting at the congress, please contact our congress organiser ICS (Sofie Due Jørgensen, sofie@ics.dk).