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Scientific programme

The congress covered multidisciplinary as well as mono-disciplinary themes. 

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Aaron Coutts, Professor, University of Technology, Sydney, AU
Training and performance characteristics of professional Australian Football
Astrid Junge, Professor, Medical School Hamburg & Head of Research, F-MARC, FIFA, DE
Title: Epidemiology of injuries in women's football
Barry Drust, Professor, Liverpool John Moores University & Head of Football Exchange, UK
Titles: Fitness training and testing of the top player, and Tom Reilly memorial lecture
Brian Dawson, Professor, University of Western Australia, AU
Title: Recent research findings in Australian football: application to other codes?
Carlo Castagna, Dr., Technical Department of the Italian Football Association, IT
Title: Association Football Referee training and performance

Colin W Fuller, Dr., F-MARC, FIFA, UK
Title: Epidemiology of rugby injuries

Hiroyuki Nunome, Dr., Fukuoka University, JP
Title: Ball kicking dynamics in football codes: new insight for coaching cues

Jan Ekstrand, Professor, Linköbing University, SE
Title: Injuries in top class football- coaches are more important than doctors?

Jens Bangsbo, Professor, University of Copenhagen, DK
Title: Testing and training in football
Jesper L. Andersen, PhD, Head of Laboratory, Bispebjerg Hospital, DK
Title: Power training in football
Jiri Dvorak, Professor, Chairman of F-MARC, FIFA (keynote)
Title: Football for Health – FIFA perspectives

Lars Juel Andersen,  Dr. Med., Gentofte University Hospital, DK
Players’ heart

Lars Nybo, Professor, University of Copenhagen, DK
Title: Physiological responses and consequences of playing in the heat

Magni Mohr, Associate Professor, University of the Faroe Islands and Center for Health and Human Performance, University of Gothenburg, SE
Title: Physiology of women´s football from elite to recreational level

Marcello Iaia, Assistant professor, University of Milan, IT
Title: Fitness coaching in an elite football team - with special focus on individual-based approach

Mario Bizzini, Research Associate, FIFA
Title: Prevention of contact and non- contact injuries in football
Paul Bradley, Senior Lecturer, Leeds Metropolitan University, UK
Evolutionary match performance patterns in elite football
Per Hölmich, Clinical Associate Professor, Chief surgeon, Copenhagen University Hospital Amager-Hvidovre, DK
Title: Prevention of hip and groin injuries in football
Per Aagaard, Professor & Head of Research Unit, University of Southern Denmark, DK
Title: Eccentric training as treatment
Peter Riis Hansen, Dr. Med., Gentofte Hospital, DK
Title: Cardiovascular adaptations to football in children
Peter Krustrup, Professor, University of Copenhagen, DK
Title: Football and health from a physiological perspective
Philip Glasgow, PhD and Head of Sports Medicine, Sports Institute Northern Ireland, EI
Title: Activate GAA: key lessons from the effective implementation of an injury prevention programme in Gaelic football
Rob Duffield, PhD, Senior Lecturer, University of Technology, Sydney, AU
Title: Rugby for health
Ronald Maughan, Professor, Loughborough University, UK
Title: Nutrition and supplementation in football

Tim Meyer, Professor, Dr. Med, Saarland University, DE
Title: Monitoring of stress and fatigue in football


Albrecht Sonntag, Professor, ESSCA School of Management, & Director, EU-Asia Institute, FR
Title: European football between tradition and postmodernity
Anne-Marie Elbe, Associate Professor, University of Copenhagen, DK
Title: Flow experiences in football: the key to a successful physical activity intervention?

Donna O’Connor, Associate Professor, University of Sydney, AU
Title: Coaching practice and player development

Geir Jordet, Professor, Norwegian School of Sport Sciences, NO (keynote)
Title: Applying psychology in elite and professional football
Gerald Gems, Professor, North Central College, US
Title: American football and national identity

Gertrud Pfister, Professor, University of Copenhagen, DK
Title: Women’s football: the game and its fans

John Connolly, Dr., Dublin City University, IE
Title: Gaelic football in a sociological perspective
Joseph Maguire, Professor, Loughborough University, UK (keynote)
Title: The emergence and diffusion of 'Football': a case study in the globalisation of sport

Kari Fasting, Professor, Norwegian School of Sports Sciences, NO
Title: The experiences of female elite football coaches

Laila Ottesen, Associate professor, University of Copenhagen, DK
Title: Football and health from a social science perspective
Lars Tore Ronglan, Associate Professor, Norwegian School of Sport Sciences, NO
Title: Sport teams as social entities: tensions and potentials
Maria Kavussanu, Senior lecturer, University of Birmingham, UK
Title: Doping in football: a moral psychology perspective
Marie-Luise Klein, Professor, Ruhr University of Bochum, DE
Title: Women`s football - economic perspectives

Natalia Stambulova, Professor, Halmstad University, SE
Title: New trends in career/talent development research: implications for football

Siegfried Nagel, Professor, University of Bern, CH
Title: Development and voluntarism in football clubs
Tatiana Ryba, Associate Professor, University of Southern Denmark, DK
Title: Psychological underpinnings of a cultural transition in football

Urban Johnson, Professor, Halmstad University, SE
Title: Perceived stress as a predictor of sport injuries in football: a latent class analysis

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